Research Projects 2022 - 2023


S.No Topic Department Principal Investigator Co investigators
1Estimation Of Salivary Cotinine Levels Among Users Of Filter Khaini In Chennai City – A Comparative StudyPublic Health DentistryAanisha Banu (Under Graduate)Dr. S. Arun Kumar
2To Determine The Optimal Concentration Of Potassium Iodide To Reduce The Blackish Discoloration Of Silver Diamine Fluoride In Primary Dentition – An Invitro StudyPedodonticsDheepaa Saravanan (Under Graduate)Dr. Saravana Kumar
3Formulation Of InSitu ThermoReversible Gel WithMoringa OleiferaLam Extract As ALocal Drug DeliverySystem For AdjunctPeriodontalTreatment.PeriodonticsDr.ShanmugapriyaDr.Shanmugapriya
4Clinical AndBiochemicalEvaluation OfMoringa OleiferaThermoreversibleGel As ASupplement ToNon-SurgicalPeriodontalTherapy In Stage I &Amp;Ii Periodontitis – ASplit Mouth StudyPeriodonticsDr.ShanmugapriyaDr.Shanmugapriya
5Response Of Human Dental Pulp Cells To Resin Infiltration Components-An In Vivo StudyEndodonticsNishanthine C
6Evaluation Of Stress Distributions Among Access Cavity Designs In Mandibular FirstMolar-A Finite Element Analysis (Fea)EndodonticsAkshai. S (Post Graduate)Dr. M.R. Srinivasan
7Effect Of Continuous Chelation Protocol On Sealer Penetration And Push Out BondStrength Of An Epoxy Resin Based Sealer - An In Vitro StudyEndodonticsSethupathi .R (Post Graduate)Dr. Duraivel

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